On 2023-04-26, LINUS FERNANDES wrote:

> Thanks, Stefan.

> I think that was caused by me trying the Ant way to install Ivy as

> https://ant.apache.org/ivy/history/2.4.0/install.html

> That's the one that shows up first when I Google it.

I don't think we can influence Google's decisions ...

Ivy 2.4.0 has been released 2014 so its documentation applies to a much
older version of Ant.

Please see https://ant.apache.org/ivy/history/2.5.1/ant.html and use the
"Ant 1.6.0 or superior" approach. The apprach that uses multiple
taskdefs is only required on a version of Ant that doesn't know th
concept of antlibs which has been introduced with Ant 1.6.0 in, errm,
2003. Ivy's docs seem to be quite conservative :-)

Please take anything Ivy-specific I say with a big grain of salt. I
happen to be an Ant developer who fixed a bug in Ivy but am far from
being familiar with Ivy itself.


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