*Title: Python Web Developer*

*Location: Indiana Polis, IN*

*Duration: Long term *

*In-Person Interview*

*Description of Duties:*

•         Python development, unit testing, bug fixes

•         Perl development, unit testing, bug fixes

•         Participating in peer reviews, stand-ups, etc.

•         Other duties as assigned

*List requirements below:*

·         Knowledge and experience developing responsive web applications

·         Fluency in Python 2.7 core language constructs

·         Familiarity with Python standard library

·         Interacts with PostgreSQL databases both via raw SQL and ORM

·         Solid understanding of MVC design patterns, preferably with
experience in a recent release of Django (e.g. 1.8x).

·         Good grasp of data structure fundamentals and common types

·         Experience with programing defensively to runtime failures and
security lapses

·         Plans development and manages time carefully

·         Experience using Git for revision control

·         Experience working/developing in an Agile/Scrum environment

·         Ability to perform basic Linux administration tasks

·         Well versed in browser abstracting JavaScript libraries like
jQuery, Angular.js, etc.

·         Experience with a modern CSS framework like Bootstrap

·         Ability to task and plan stories with estimates during sprint

·         Experience with developing in Perl, cgi web environment.

·         Experience with Graph Oriented Database a strong plus.

*Experience with Neo4j (server) and Cypher (query language) a strong plus.*

*Skillset Requested:*

Operating System/Environment

•               Windows/Mac (Intermediate)

•               Programming Languages/Development Tools

•               HTML (Intermediate) – 3+ years

•               CSS (Intermediate) – 3+ years

•               Python (Intermediate) – 3+ years

•               JavaScript (Intermediate) – 3+ years

•               Django (Beginner) – 1+ years

•               Perl (Intermediate) – 2+ years

•               Database Systems/Database Tools

•               PostgreSQL (Intermediate) – 3+ years

*Thanks and Regards*


*Ph: 201 680 0200 Ext: 7015*

*Email: prav...@nytpartners.com <prav...@nytpartners.com>*

*Skype: praveen_nytp*

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