Hi Keith,

I did some investigations on this topic last year. As far as I see it is
not possible without rewriting the sm-component to pass some iq-stanzas
to its clients.

My approach was to write a component that binds to a dummy-domain and
simulates a c2s-connection (e.g. the component starts a session in the
designated domain) and then acts like a normal jabber-client.
I managed it to do the session-stuff, but it seems that the sm does not
pass IQ-stanzas to the bare JID (without ressource) to its clients, so
techniques like Service-Discovery - which much heavily depends on - are
not possible.

Kind regards,


Am 01.02.2011 08:23, schrieb Keith Jay Gillis:
> Hi,
> XEP-0045 defines a multi-user chat service as:
> A host that offers text-based conferencing capabilities; often but not
> necessarily a sub-domain of a Jabber server (e.g.,
> conference.jabber.org).
> Is it possible to use mu-conference with jabberd2 without putting
> mu-conference on a sub-domain? Does "often but not necessarily a
> sub-domain" just meant that it could be on an entirely separate domain?
> I had hoped that a chat service and XMPP server could both have the same
> domain.
> I see from XEP-0045 that a chat service needs to have a JID to direct
> room queries to. Could it have a JID of confere...@example.com of
> example.com/conference instead of conference.example.com?
> Also, are there plans to make the jabberd2 component protocol an
> official extension?
> Thanks,
> Keith

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