Here is the bug with two patches, with implementation and unit tests

Yet another idea I'm going to implement soon is config includes
For example, router settings for  all components withing one server may be 
grouped in on file and included into each component's configs.

Stay tuned!

BR, Eugene Agafonov.

On Friday 03 June 2011 17:33:02 Tomasz Sterna wrote:
> Dnia 2011-06-03, piÄ… o godzinie 15:18 +0400, Eugene Agafonov pisze:
> > Does anyone interested in that feature?
> > Yet another idea is substitute environment variables like ${env:HOME}
> Cool idea.
> On my hosting service I have a template sm.xml which I copy and sed for
> each new domain. This feature could make them run from one config file.

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