Dnia 2013-12-28, sob o godzinie 09:10 +0100, Eric Koldeweij pisze:
> My suspicion is that there is a problem with a name server you are 
> using. if you look at the file /etc/resolv.conf you will see one or
> more lines saying "nameserver <ip_addr>". The resolver will ask each
> name server in turn to resolve the host name for it,

I second that. This is what immediately came to my mind as a probable
answer to your issue.

"dig" command works independently of stub resolver in your system and is
more of a DNS servers test tool, not your system setup test tool.

Take a look at each of your 'nameserver' line in /etc/resolv.conf and
check each server first pinging it, then asking directly:

host -t SRV _xmpp-server._tcp.jabber.org. dns.server.ip.123

BTW: for best performance it's recommended to run a caching full
resolver on the same machine as your server and configure
"nameserver" line in /etc/resolv.conf

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