On Sunday, December 29 2013, Marcin Mirosław wrote:

>> It actually works with udns compiled with -O0. Thanks for the hint. I'l try 
>> the other things later, but if udns doesn't work correctly with -O2, that's 
>> probably a bug. I'll try the other things later.
> Yes, it's bug but I'm not sure if it is bug in udns or in gcc. I'd like
> to ask you for add comment to bug
> https://bugs.gentoo.org/show_bug.cgi?id=400905 with your emerge --info.
> It looks gcc's optimizer on SPARC, even with -O2, do something unwanted
> in udns. Additionally I'll notify upstream.

Most likely it's a GCC bug.  I'd recommend searching for similar
problems on GCC's bugzila, and opening a bug against it if nothing is



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