On a netbsd-5 i386 box (xen domU) that is otherwise stable, with jabberd
2.3.2 and mu-conference 0.8.81, on boot we saw:

Feb  6 05:33:34 foo /netbsd: pid 317 (sm), uid 1001: exited on signal 11 (core 
not dumped, err = 13)
Feb  6 05:34:26 foo /netbsd: pid 540 (mu-conference), uid 1001: exited on 
signal 5 (core not dumped, err = 13)

Once up, after restarting servers with "/etc/rc.d/jabberd restart" (and
then muc), the jabberd2 programs were stable, but mu-conference has
occasional crashes.

I noticed that the order of starting up the components is


which strikes me as odd (why isn't router first).  But, it's not like
these are fully up before the parent exits, and in theory all daemons
should cope/retry.

Other than getting a core dump and examining it, which is the obvious
thing to do, I'm curious if anyone else has seen something like this.


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