Greg Troxel writes:
- On a netbsd-5 i386 box (xen domU) that is otherwise stable, with jabberd
- 2.3.2 and mu-conference 0.8.81, on boot we saw:
- Feb  6 05:33:34 foo /netbsd: pid 317 (sm), uid 1001: exited on signal 11 (c
- ore not dumped, err = 13)
- Feb  6 05:34:26 foo /netbsd: pid 540 (mu-conference), uid 1001: exited on s
- ignal 5 (core not dumped, err = 13)
- Once up, after restarting servers with "/etc/rc.d/jabberd restart" (and
- then muc), the jabberd2 programs were stable, but mu-conference has
- occasional crashes.


- Other than getting a core dump and examining it, which is the obvious
- thing to do, I'm curious if anyone else has seen something like this.

I've not see anything like that on NetBSD 6_STABLE/alpha.  I do
see mu-conference crashing semi-regularly, as well as it
occasionally running away (but  not nearly as much after the
last set of patches.)

Anything odd/unusual in the sm.xml configuration file?

fyi: I'm running 2.3.2nb8 from pkgsrc-2014Q4 (not that anything
has changed in pkgsrc since Q4 was branched.)

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