e...@cirr.com (Eric Schnoebelen) writes:

> I've not see anything like that on NetBSD 6_STABLE/alpha.  I do
> see mu-conference crashing semi-regularly, as well as it
> occasionally running away (but  not nearly as much after the
> last set of patches.)

It's cool you are running this on alpha.

The sm crash was only once.  I am seeing ongoing mu-conference crashes,
which look like they are hitting asserts in glib unlocking mutexes.
I have built stuff with -g but haven't flipped it to run yet (production
box with only 66 active connections right now, lower than the usual ~90).

> Anything odd/unusual in the sm.xml configuration file?

No.  Just switching logging to file, setting hostname, and stuff you
basically have to edit.

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