(a follow-up to the issue 

I have a jabberd2 XMPP server on domain ceplovi.cz and I would 
like to connect to it with Loqui. It works perfectly well with 
pidgin, bitlbee, empathy, displays well on IM Observatory, but 
Loqui just ALWAYS ends with “Authentication failed” (it is not 
a temporary failure). The strange thing is that jabberd2 logs on 
the server don’t show any activity when I try to login.

Loqui IM people do think that it is because of discrepancy 
between the implementation of XEP-198 by jabberd2 and (they say) 
more recent version of it expected by Loqui IM.

Does anybody here understand what’s the problem? Would it be 
possible somehow to make jabberd2 compatible with Loqui?


http://www.ceplovi.cz/matej/, Jabber: mcepl<at>ceplovi.cz
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