Hello list!
I'm stumped. The debug results are "sm died". I've repeated the installation 
instructions on the website 3 times, assuming there must have been a typo. I'm 
not sure what the debug results are trying to tell me, other than something is 
wrong with sm.xml. The last thing it tries to do is load mysql, which is what I 
chose to use for storage. 

: jabber@silvermine:/usr/local/bin$ ./jabberd -D
JBRD: debug on
JBRD: version(2.3.3)
JBRD: config_dir(/usr/local/etc)
JBRD: LaunchJob: router -> /usr/local/bin/router -c /usr/local/etc/router.xml -D
JBRD: LaunchJob: sm -> /usr/local/bin/sm -c /usr/local/etc/sm.xml -D
JBRD: LaunchJob: s2s -> /usr/local/bin/s2s -c /usr/local/etc/s2s.xml -D
JBRD: LaunchJob: c2s -> /usr/local/bin/c2s -c /usr/local/etc/c2s.xml -D
ROUT: Sat Jun  6 08:08:21 2015 [notice] starting up
SM  : Sat Jun  6 08:08:21 2015 [notice] starting up
ROUT: Sat Jun  6 08:08:21 2015 user.c:33 loading user table
SM  : Sat Jun  6 08:08:21 2015 storage.c:96 adding arbitrary types to driver 
SM  : Sat Jun  6 08:08:21 2015 [info] process id is 21361, written to 
SM  : Sat Jun  6 08:08:21 2015 storage.c:119 driver not loaded, trying to init
SM  : Sat Jun  6 08:08:21 2015 [info] loading 'mysql' storage module
ERROR: sm died.  Shutting down server.
JBRD: sending TERM to 21362 : s2s
JBRD: sending TERM to 21363 : c2s
JBRD: sending TERM to 21361 : sm
JBRD: sending TERM to 21360 : router
Shutting down.
: jabber@silvermine:/usr/local/bin$ 

The number of changes in sm.xml is so small, that the odds of a real typo are 
pretty small, so it must be something missing. Here's the diff file with the 
distribution version. 

<   <id>silverhome.game-host.org</id>
>   <id>sm</id>
<     <pass>(new router password)</pass>           <!-- default: secret -->
>     <pass>secret</pass>           <!-- default: secret -->
<     <driver>mysql</driver>
>     <driver>sqlite</driver>
<       <pass>(the mysql password)</pass>
>       <pass>secret</pass>

I added the symlink for the mysql socket by checking the configuration file, 
like it says in 

The mysql server is running, as checked with sudo service mysql status

I couldn't find a "maximal mysql installation" as referenced from 

That page points to http://dev.mysql.com/downloads/mysql-4.0.html, where the 
term "maximal" or "max" or anything giving any sort of hint about what a 
"maximal" install means doesn't exist. 

What should I try or test next?

-Michelle W5NYV

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