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> In the router's debug output I can see the incoming subscribed
> presence stanza from the contact:
> sx (io.c:255) decoded read data (323 bytes): <route xmlns='
> http://jabberd.jabberstudio.org/ns/component/1.0' from='c2s'
> to='localhost'><presence xmlns:sc='
> http://jabberd.jabberstudio.org/ns/session/1.0' xmlns='jabber:client'
> sc:sm='621b457a7181f454ca07bb4326e73e67096ed383' sc:c2s='10'
> from='user1@localhost/testclient' type='subscribed'
> to='gloox@localhost'/></route>

I'm pretty sure the router routed it from 'c2s' to 'localhost' as

Take a look at sm debug log of 'localhost' to see what happened with
that stanza there.

According to RFC6121 3.1.5. server should:
Replace from='user1@localhost/testclient' with from='user1@localhost';
Then push roster item to all user1 (interested) resources;
And finally send presence to gloox.

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