freebsd 10.2 
jabberd2 version(2.3.6)

I followed these instructions:
other than renaming server.pem to jabber.pem since I had originally put
that in the XML files.

In the c2s.xml 

Pulling some lines out of the debug with the usual sanitation to keep
out of the search engines: 
C2S : Tue May  3 08:54:56 2016 authreg.c:80 preloaded module 'mysql' (not 
initialized yet)
SM  : sx (ssl.c:992) Restricting TLS ciphers to 
SM  : sx (ssl.c:1021) No CA chain specified. Loading SSL default CA certs: 

SM  : sx (ssl.c:405) secure channel not established, handshake in progress
SM  : sx (ssl.c:59) verify error:num=18:self signed 

How exactly do I specify the cachain for a self signed cert.

I get openssl error 18 meaning it can't be verified. Setting
verify-mode='0' didn't help.

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