On Tue, May 24, 2016 at 11:30 AM, David Woodfall <d...@dawoodfall.net> wrote:

> Also, the list admin address that jabberd2+h...@lists.xiaoka.com does
> not exist.

This address does exist, I just received a help-response from there.
The fact that gmail flagged it for me as Spam is a different problem,

The recent flare of unsubscribe messages on this list suggests that
some mail clients have difficulties dealing with "plussed addresses"
and (silently?) rewrite addresses like
<mailto:jabberd2+unsubscr...@lists.xiaoka.com> into
<mailto:jabberd2@lists.xiaoka.com>.  If this happens, then the mail
user agent is faulty.

My EUR 0.02 ...


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