Agree (web).
I wrote some years ago simple web interface for jabberd2, need to review it and rewrite for new one later. Its will be good for those who want it but not in jabberd2 code inside.

Using it with mysql and postgresql - works perfectly

wbr, brahmann

On 30.05.2016 16:43, wrote:
Regarding item 4, seriously, does everything ‎these days have to have a web 
interface? It just increases the attack surface. Adding a web interface means 
one more thing to protect against hackers, which means writing rules for the 
WAF or adding something else for fail2ban or sshguard to watch.

Most services have a "reload" and "restart" in the service command. It really 
isn't a burden to use them. The burden is to have yet another means to restart the service.

Personally, I viewed the XML setup as a feature since it is self documenting.

My preference would be for better sqlite support. That is add and delete users 
from sqlite3 rather than mysql.

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