If you can create and maintain the database through standard programs (sqlite 
being my favorite), I don't mind the caching. But in a system that uses TLS, is 
a database lookup that significant of a time sink in the whole transaction 

This is interesting reading:

I don't do a lot of database stuff, but learning on mysql and then trying 
sqlite, I'm just amazed at how it cranks. I really like sqlite3. 

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> Do you really have to cache something in jabberd when the data can be
> pulled from the sql database? Sure the data has changed. But if you
> pull a fresh record each time, I don't see the issue.

Unfortunately RDBMs are notorious to be a choking point.
You just cannot fetch data over and over again and expect reasonable
preformance. This is the reason for raise of memcached, redis etc.

Also, see: https://metajack.wordpress.com/2008/08/26/choosing-an-xmpp-server/

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