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>> 7. DBI interface to RDBM.
> Just one more question.
> Do you (ML) have a use case for having SM storage in SQL?
> Is it just for distributed SM only?
> Maybe it is not worth the effort and we should just drop it and embed
> something like LMDB [1] in?
> I do see value of having SQL backend for authreg, to integrate with
> existing userbase, but SM storage? Does it really need to be
> abstracted?
> [1] https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lightning_Memory-Mapped_Database
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Congratulations - you have Jabberd3 outlined, um.. so long as the name
isn't taken yet? In terms of "heavy", if it runs in OBSD on a
BeagleBone Black or Debian on a Rasperry Pi Zero, then I think you're
OK. Running on an Arduino is a special type of crazy - not that i
wouldn't mind seeing it done. Running Jabberd3* as part of a website
would be a new kind of distributed. If going full Javascript - this
might be interesting: http://electron.atom.io/

In any case - Thank You very much for a great XMPP server - keep having fun
*just trying it on - Jabberd11? too binary?

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