Hoping someone can explain to me something about file-transfer. I am
trying to send a file from one pidgin client to another (bother on
2.10.11), also both on the same jabberd2 (FreeBSD 10.2) server. From my
understanding, the server does not need specific configuration as the
XEPs are handled by the clients. This is also what I have read in
forums. Am I missing a piece of the puzzle here?

So as I consistently am getting "File send failed: user does not support
file transfers". I was thinking, is there some sort of network
issue/feature causing this? I think I can rule out network
issues/features as I setup a server and clients on the same subnet and
get the same response.

Following: https://xmpp.org/extensions/xep-0096.html , I can initiate a
transfer ( Example 1. Simple Profile Usage in Stream Initiation Offer )
and the negotiation feature is started. However, i do not get to this
stage in pidgin?

the code:

<sixmlns='http://jabber.org/protocol/si'      id='a0'     
  name='test.txt'          size='1022'/>   
      </field>      </x>    </feature>  </si></iq>

is transmitted via the pidgin xmpp consoleand the negotiation feature
from pidgin, pops up asking me to confirm the reciept, ie no error
response. After confirming I want to receive the file, I choose location
to save, then stream starts (or it should but at this moment it is only
a file name in the xmpp code). So the xmpp-console gives me confidence
my client does indeed support file transfer.

at this moment I have not posted any conf files from jabberd2-2.3.6 as
my above mentioned understanding that the server does not implement
file-transfer, ie, it is the client who handles it.

Hopefully some one can put me on the right track.

Woefully me,

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