I have a NetBSD 6 system, with jabberd 2.4.0 (built for netbsd 5 still.
Although binary compat at this level is almost beyond suspicion, I am
rebuilding all packages) .  Jabberd mostly works fine, but on boot sm
crashes.  I have adjusted sequencing, although in theory it should not
matter (and aside from sm does not):

  Starting router.
  Starting s2s.
  Starting c2s.
  Starting sm.
  Starting muc.

(plus some other things interleaved; NetBSD does a topological sort of
the startup files in /etc/rc.d/ and then uses that order.)

I found that ~always, sm was not running after boot, and that starting
sm was enough to make the server work.  So I started logging exits due
to core dump and had the sm startup change to a directory where the
jabberd pid could write a core file.  I got the following, and I know I
need to rebuild jabberd with debug symbols.  But I wonder if the issue
is processing a message from router before the sm startup has completed.

(gdb) bt
#0  0x080612dc in ?? ()
#1  0x0806140a in xhash_getx ()
#2  0x0806145e in xhash_get ()
#3  0x0805a6a4 in config_get_one ()
#4  0xbb7e25ea in storage_add_type () from
#5  0xbb7e2a2a in storage_get () from
#6  0xbb0c9aa2 in _active_user_load () from
#7  0x0804f67b in mm_user_load ()
#8  0x08053325 in user_load ()
#9  0x080522c7 in sess_start ()
#10 0xbb0df2fa in _session_in_router () from
#11 0x0804f44b in mm_in_router ()
#12 0x0804e107 in dispatch ()
#13 0x08053021 in sm_sx_callback ()
#14 0x08054f21 in __sx_event ()
#15 0x0805495f in _sx_process_read ()
#16 0x08054e69 in sx_can_read ()
#17 0x08052c93 in sm_mio_callback ()
#18 0x0805a1d7 in ?? ()
#19 0x0804ed22 in main ()

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