mu-conference is an implementation of xmpp conference rooms.  It worked
with jabberd 1.4 (and might still) and works with jabberd 2.  It might
be the standard approach for conferencing with jabberd2:

Around 2013 hosting moved to (FSFE?), both repo and ; I'm not sure 
where it was

At some point I became one of the upstream maintainers and in 2013
released 0.8.81 to fix a timing-dependent startup bug as well as to get
a number of other features in a release.  Since then, there hasn't been
a vast outcry about bugs and it seems to have been mostly stable.

Most recently, it was hosted at, which I think used to be run by
FSFE, and has apparently disappeared.

Questions arising:

  Does anybody know what happened or is happening with GNA?  Might it be
  coming back?

  Is anybody still using mu-conference?  (I'm not personally, but do
  know of one significant-size installation.)

  Is there a better way to do chatrooms with jabberd2?

  Is anyone interested in continuing to maintain mu-conference?

  I am sort of inclined to create a project on gitlab (because it seems
  too much work to ask for, both for me and for the
  FSF staff, and I don't see that FSF hosting mu-conference advances the
  goals of Free Software enough to be worth their resources).
  Encouragement?  Objections?

  Anything else?

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