Does anybody know what happened or is happening with GNA?  Might it be
  coming back?

Apparently it went away quite a while ago, and it's not coming back.

  Is anybody still using mu-conference?  (I'm not personally, but do
  know of one significant-size installation.)

No one spoke up.

  Is there a better way to do chatrooms with jabberd2?

No insight...

  Is anyone interested in continuing to maintain mu-conference?

No one spoke up.

  I am sort of inclined to create a project on gitlab (because it seems
  too much work to ask for, both for me and for the
  FSF staff, and I don't see that FSF hosting mu-conference advances the
  goals of Free Software enough to be worth their resources).
  Encouragement?  Objections?

Given the total silence, I have decided not to do anything about
mu-conference.  I have removed the pkgsrc package (because there is not
functioning upstream and the last release is old).

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