As some of you may have noticed, pre-release version 2.11.0.rc1 is now out.
While it should be quite close to eventual 2.11.0, some things may
still change but my hope is that all compatibility-related changes are

The main goal for doing pre-release version(s) is to have one last
chance to find issues related to backwards compatibility with previous
minor versions. While we try to keep compatibility according to
Semantic Versioning guidelines, sometimes there are accidental changes
that violate this.
So we would like to find such issues before 2.11.0 is released,  and
fix issues where possible; or mitigate if they can not be; or at very
least document changes in behavior where change is actually

Changes included are detailed here:

including section "Changes, Behavior", which included likeliest
changes that might affect your code. For this release there are so far
3 things:

1. Default serialization ordering now considers @JsonProperty(index = )
2. Avro format backend will change schema type indicated for `byte[]`,
3. Timezone offset in default java.util.Date, java.util.Calendar
serialization will now include colon (like +00:00) by default (see
databind#2643 below)

But there may well be other unintended changes. We would like to hear
about unknown changes, as well as feedback on above-listed intentional

At this point I hope to spend at least 2 weeks, but no more than 4
weeks before releasing 2.11.0.
All feedback on this pre-release would be welcome: including "it seems
to work fine, no problem when switching 2.10.3" as well as reports
about issues found.

Happy hacking,

-+ Tatu +-

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