I'm trying to do something a bit non-standard and hoping someone has a 
suggestion.  I'd like to use elements at the top of my JSON document to 
build up objects further down the document.  Here's a contrived example:
  "templates": {
    "quadruped": {
      "legs": 4
    "exotherm": {
      "isColdBlooded": true
    "endotherm": {
      "isColdBlooded": false
  "animals": {
    "aligator": {
      "exterior": "scales",
      "templates": [
    "cow": {
      "exterior": "fur",
      "templates": [

What I'm hoping to wind up with is deserialized Aligator & Cow instances 
that have the properties from their templates merged in.  I've played 
around a bit with customer deserializers and contextual deserializers but 
I'm having trouble finding a way to make the templates available to the 
deserializers for Cow & Aligator.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.  Thanks in advance.


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