Is it possible to access the `objectMapper` from a custom `JsonSerializer`?

Imagine a serializer like:

    class JsonapiDocumentSerializer : StdSerializer<JsonapiDocument>(
JsonapiDocument::class.java) {

        override fun serialize(jsonapiDocument: JsonapiDocument, json: 
JsonGenerator, provider: SerializerProvider) {


            // Would like to do something like:
            val dataJson: ObjectNode = objectMapper.valueToTree(
            // And then manipulate the dataJson like:
            // - removing fields
            // - extract particular nodes and add them to an included 
            val includedJson = ArrayNode // create `ArrayNode` (how to 
create it from JsonSerializer?) and add data from dataJson

            json.writeObjectField("data", dataJson)
            json.writeObjectField("included", includedJson)

            // Do other stuff:
            jsonapiDocument.meta?.let { json.writeObjectField("meta", it) }
            jsonapiDocument.jsonapi?.let { json.writeObjectField("jsonapi", 
it) }
            jsonapiDocument.links?.let { json.writeObjectField("links", it) 


I would like to call the objectMapper valueToTree, manipulate the data and 
the write it in the object.


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