Yes, the code is written in java.My mistake !
Is there any way to have check the whole folder ?
Here, I guess the class name can take a particular class , so when giving * 
or the whole folder name ,It is giving error.
I tried with module..but it says <java> does not support nested module.
And there are no jar files , so I cant give any jar attribute.
Currently I wrote a code that commented the whole <java> part and gave the 
path for the class files in <junit> itself. So, is it necessary to give 
that part ?
Can you also say whether the <target name=test> is included in our 
build.xml for executing the test-cases in our project ?

The newly written code :

<target name="test">
<junit fork="true" forkmode="once">
   <test name="CodeTest" filtertrace="true"/>
<classpath path="${result.classes.dir}">
       <batchtest fork="yes" todir="${result.exec.file}">
<fileset dir="${result.classes.dir}">
<include name="**/*Test*.class"/>

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