I followed the CoreTutorial example class at 
http://www.jacoco.org/jacoco/trunk/doc/examples/java/CoreTutorial.java to 
understand how to incorporate Jacoco into a project.

However, I am facing java.lang.LinkageError problem that is related to the 
MemoryClassLoader class that is used.

Specifically, I have two classes, MyClass and MySubClass where MySubClass 
extends MyClass. I instrument both classes so that I can get coverage 
information related to each. I've found that if I instrument MySubClass first, 
MemoryClassLoader will call defineClass with the instrumented bytes for 
MySubClass. However, in doing so, MyClass, which is the parent class, also gets 
loaded in by the parent class loader. Thus, when I next instrument and load 
MyClass, I receive the java.lang.LinkageError which claims that there is 
already a definition of MyClass that has been loaded by a ClassLoader. The 
problem here is that the initial version of MyClass that was loaded in was not 

If I load in classes in the reverse order, this issue does not arise.

I've tried something a bit different here: 
 by immediately attempting to instrument the parent class upon a recursive call 
to loadClass. However, this isn't entirely working due to reasons I haven't 
figured out yet. I am observing that the coverage information for both classes 
are not changing if I use this faulty approach.

My question overall is, how can I instrument and load in classes that are 
related to each other in a parent, child relationship such that the behavior 
isn't affected by the order? Am I able to replace the definition of a class? 
Another problem seems to be super.load which would be the parent ClassLoader to 
MemoryClassLoader which I don't have control over.

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