Am trying to get  jacoco code coverage for application running on jetty 
server[Docker Image]

 We have docker container for our application and we pull the image of that 
application [running using jetty server] .. 
Am trying to get the code coverage configured for our application.. however 
i see the jacoco.exec getting generated with no data in it...

this is how i start the jetty server  with the jacocoagent mentioned in the 
start command....

/usr/bin/java -server -Xmx256m 
-Dipsao.core.ojdl.logging.config.file=log/harve-logging.config -classpath 
ipsao.dc.jetty.DCJetty -daemon

i notice that a empty jacoco.exec is getting generated and i do not see any 
coverage on stoping the server after running some tests...


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