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> Dear Evgeny,,
> this is working and I get coverage data, thanks!
> Now I need a hint on re-deploy of my instrumented war file. In either case 
> jmx or tcpserver the resource is still bound and fails the deploy because 
> of this.
> How can I instruct jacoco to execute the "shutdown()" method for jmx or 
> tcpserver output mode?
> Or is there any other way? A Java Listener that reacts on undeploy to call 
> this shutdown() method?
> Today I need to restart the complete j2ee server to accomplish a second 
> deploy. 

Such "shutdown" method is not exposed as JaCoCo API as you can see in the 
documentation at https://www.jacoco.org/jacoco/trunk/doc/api/index.html

However using reflection in implementation of your listener you can do the 

    Object agent = org.jacoco.agent.rt.RT.getAgent();
    Method shutdownMethod = agent.getClass().getDeclaredMethod("shutdown");
But I'm not sure that this will be enough, because JaCoCo also registers 
JVM shutdown hook.
You can try the following modification
Using the following unofficial build


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