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On 2016-10-15 21:31, Dan Zach wrote:
> Hello,
> I need to transfer Ethernet controller to an inmate real-time cell:
> - It is only PCI device on Jetson TK1, so I need to transfer the PCI 
> controller to an inmate cell?
> - I can still do the PCI enumeration on the root cell ( or even on Linux 
> prior to opening the jailhouse) and then just transferring the relevant 
> access addresses to the inmate cell, right?
> - If it wasn't a single PCI device, is there a way to split PCI devices among 
> the root and inmates? (e.g. Ethernet goes to inmate A, but another PCI device 
> stays at root)?

There are first patches to enable PCI on ARM, see wip/arm-ivshmem.
However, these patches where first of all hacked up to emulate PCI and
provide that shared memory device, and they weren't used yet to
partition a real PCI bus. May magically work, or we may still miss some
bits, need to look into details. Maybe after getting the ARM64 stuff out
(that should be soon).

For now, using PCI in one cell mean taking away any access from the
other. So you will probably have to disable PCI completely in the root
cell (not sure if that will work on the Jetson).


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Corporate Competence Center Embedded Linux

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