On 2016-10-11 17:11, andreas.koe...@st.oth-regensburg.de wrote:
> From: Andreas Koelbl <andreas.koe...@st.oth-regensburg.de>
> The Jailhouse configuration is currently hidden in
> hypervisor/include/jailhouse/config.h, together with config.mk.
> config.mk is only needed for the kbuild system, and not an actual include.

It is a makefile include, yes. And it is generated. As such, it should
end up in some similar directory again, likely /include/generated/.

> config.h is a global jailhouse configuration that not only applies to
> the hypervisor, but also to inmates.
> As a consequence, move config.mk and config.h to the project root directory.

If we move config.h, I would suggest to take the chance and convert it
into kconfig format (CONFIG_XXX=y, ie. what config.mk is already using).
That would give us a top-level .config from which we would generate
include/generated/config.h. Maybe someone will then feel like enabling
kconfig for Jailhouse...


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