Den tisdag 23 januari 2018 kl. 16:37:09 UTC+1 skrev
> Hi,
> i'm having problems with the "ivshmem-guest-code" compilation :( 
> -i'm trying to compile it using "arm-linux-gnueabihf-" cross compiler against 
> 4.13.12-dirty kernel.. but i'm continually having errors "implicit 
> declaration of function..." although i changed the KDIR path to my kernel 
> path.
> @Henning: which kernel and toolchain are you using to cross compile ?     
> @Jonas: i was following your patches to test the inter-cell communication on 
> my banana pi and it was okay, but i cannot send interrupts between the cells 
> , if you used the "ivshmem-guest-code", against which kernel you did that and 
> using which toolchain ?

I'm using linux-4.14.6 when building Jailhouse and uio_ivshmem.ko.

Built using Yocto 2.2 (toolchain using gcc version 6.2.0, glibc 2.24).

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