Hi Munees,

yes, that's possible. You can allow your inmates to use the hypervisor
console by setting the .flag JAILHOUSE_CELL_DEBUG_CONSOLE in your inmate

Your inmates may then use this console, but you have to tell them to use
the hypervisor console by either passing the cmdline argument
"con-type=JAILHOUSE" or change the CON_TYPE define to

Linux inmates also supports this console; see jailhouse_dbcon.c: [1]



On 02/19/2018 12:45 PM, m.rajend...@matellio.com wrote:
> Hi Jailhouse Team,
> can I create virtual serial console interface for all created non root cell?. 
> Right now I have one serial interface with that the recent non root cell boot 
> message logged in the console. Not able to see the other console message.If 
> the user want to log both non root cell messages then how to achieve with 
> jailhouse.
> How to configure and log the messages using virtual serial interface for the 
> non root cell?
> Thanks in advance
> -Munees

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