I would like to send an IPI from the root cell (Linux) to an inmate cell on 
arm64. I know Jailhouse isolates the physical cores and would not allow to send 
an IPI to a CPU that does not belong to the cell. However, I would like to test 
that anyway. 

I have a kernel module (Linux running on the root cell) that sends an IPI to a 
core. As I do not have a deep knowledge in Jailhouse, it is not clear to me how 
Jailhouse intercepts or/and avoids the IPI, when it is sent to a core that does 
not belong to the root cell.

Where in the code Jailhouse checks this? What should I change to allow the IPI 
to be sent?

On the inmate side, I am running the gic-demo.c and I am just printing the irqn 
in the handle_IRQ function. Will the IPI be delivered to the handle_IRQ 
function as well?

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