On 2018-08-09 16:30, Giovani Gracioli wrote:
Basically what I want is to have the root cell (using only one core) sending 
individual interrupts to other 3 non-root cells (also using only one core each) 
on the arm64 with 4 cores. Then, each non-root cell should send interrupt 
individually to each other (more 3 interrupts). In total, there are 6 different 
IPIs in my setup. In the tests I made, the 4 ivshmem devices have individual 
interrupt numbers, but the next 2 (shared among non-root cells) use the same 
interrupt numbers.

In a 4 cell system, each cell needs 3 links to talk to all other cells. Three links makes three ivshmem devices per cell. And that makes 3 interrupt sources per cell.

Now you have to search for each cell a free range of 4 consecutive interrupt lines and assign the base to vpci_irq_base in the cell config. Do NOT use the same range for two different cells because interrupt sharing between cells cannot work. With separate ranges, you will get no interrupt sharing at all because each cell only uses 3 of the 4 available virtual interrupts.


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