I've been using PIC's for several years now. Just the small ones (12F683, 
16F88 etc). Used the ADC, PWM and regular I/O operations, nothing fancy.
For a recent  project i'm working with a 16F15323. A new product that makes 
use of Pin Peripheral Select. All great but....

Blink a led works. I can use the outputs but the digital inputs does not 
work. I'm "working" on that simpel thing for weeks and don't get it to work.
I use the same code as for the older PIC's so i presume it has something to 
do with the PPS.

Someone an idea ?

include 16F15323
--include pps                        -- Pin Peripheral Select library
include delay

pragma target clock 16_000_000     -- oscillator frequency
pragma target OSC  OFF             --Geen externe Oscilator
pragma target RSTOSC HFINTPLL
pragma target WDT  DISABLED        -- er moet nog een bit gezt worden, 
nakijken in 18f24k20.jal
pragma target LVP  disabled        -- no Low Voltage Programming
pragma target MCLR external        -- reset externally
pragma target PWRTE enabled        -- enalbe powerup timer
pragma target CSWEN enabled        -- Clock Switch Enable bit
pragma target CLKOUTEN DISABLED    -- no clock output
pragma target WDT      DISABLED    -- watchdog
pragma target BROWNOUT DISABLED    -- no brownout reset

enable_digital_io()                -- disable analog I/O (if any)

pin_A5_direction =  INPUT

pin_C3_direction =  OUTPUT
pin_C4_direction =  OUTPUT


forever loop
   if pin_A5 == 1 then
     pin_C3 = 1
     pin_C3 = 0
   end if

   pin_C4 = 1
   pin_C4 = 0
end loop


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