To answer questions like "what really happens" in terms of a lucene query,
I've been helped greatly by two things...


and Luke.

Of the two, luke (google lucene luke) is quickest. It will show you what
lucene request is produced by various query strings etc.

Sorry if you already know about them...


On 1/10/07, Walt Stoneburner <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:

On 1/10/07, Chris Hostetter <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> I'm guessing there is suppose to be some sort of table structure to the
> mail you send ... it doesn't work in plain text mail readers so i'm not
> sure whta ou were trying to say.

My bad, I was using GMail, and it was trying to produce a very simple

6) you should avoid thinking in terms of AND, OR, and NOT ... think in
>     terms of OPTIONAL, REQUIRED, and PROHIBITED ...

Excellent!  You've provided a wonderful bit of insight.  This makes things
much easier to understand.

I should assume, though, that parenthesis work as expected?  So where I
doing things like:
( A OR B ) AND ( C OR D ), that means that +(A B) +(C D) is actually


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