Hi there,

I'm migrating an application from Lucene 4.7.0 to Lucene 6.0.1.
I'm facing a problem with this piece of code :

public List<Object> getDistinctValues(IndexReader reader, EventField field) 
throws IOException {

    List<Object> values = new ArrayList<Object>();
    Fields fields = MultiFields.getFields(reader);
    if (fields == null) return values;

    Terms terms = fields.terms(field.name());
    if (terms == null) return values;

    TermsEnum iterator = terms.iterator();

    Class<? extends Object> type = field.getJavaType();
    BytesRef value = iterator.next();

    while (value != null) {
        if (type == Long.class) {
        } else if (type == Integer.class) {
        } else if (type == Boolean.class) {
            values.add(LegacyNumericUtils.prefixCodedToInt(value) == 1 ? TRUE : 
        } else if (type == Date.class) {
            values.add(new Date(LegacyNumericUtils.prefixCodedToLong(value)));
        } else if (type == String.class) {
        } else {
            log.warn("getDistinctValues: ignoring field " + field + " of type " 
+ type);

        value = iterator.next();

    return values;

The aim of this method is to get all terms present in a field directly in the 
correct java type. I'm seeing just now that NumericUtils is an internal class, 
so I should not have used it.
For now, I can use LegacyNumericUtils, but that's a very temporary solution.

What is the best approach to achieve my goal ?

Thanks in advance for any help.
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