Lucene doesn't (shouldn't?) let you add 'a' at first as an IntPoint and
then later as a LongPoint -- they must always be consistent.

So however you indexed it, you must use the corresponding class to
construct the query.

String 'hi' can only be found if you had indexed a token 'hi' in that field
-- the terms + postings are separate from the dimensional points (and from
doc values) so they cannot "cross talk".

Mike McCandless

On Sun, Dec 31, 2017 at 7:17 AM, Cristian Lorenzetto <> wrote:

> Hi i have doubt.
> Considering i want search a document field 'a' in a range. The same problem
> is also if i search for a exact point.
> I know that it is possible a document containing either a property 'a' with
> type Integer either with type Long. For example document 1 contains {a:5}
> where 5 is int, document 2 is {a:100} is long.
> How to search all documents in range [4,101].
> The right query is
>  IntPoint.rangequery(a,4,101) or LongPoint.rangequery(a,4,101) ?
> The question is more generic: every type has its algorithm for matching so
> i thought theoretically
> it is possible in the while i search a string 'hi' i find also a document
>  with a property with type not string because it contains the same ByteRef?

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