Hi Team,
                         I have a doubt on parsing a query using
MultiFieldQueryParser over StandardAnalyzer.

searchWord: abc.def_...@global-international.com

while performing a search using the code,

Analyzer analyzer = new StandardAnalyzer(Version.LUCENE_40, new
> StringReader(""));
> MultiFieldQueryParser parser = new MultiFieldQueryParser(new
> String[]{"email"}, analyzer);
> Query query = parser.parse(searchWord);

 it will parse and produce the final query string as
 email:"abc.def_ghi global international.com"

My doubt is, how '@' & '-' were stripped out? Does Standard Analyzer treat
this or QueryParser? anywhere can we employ QueryParser.jj?

Could anyone help me to understand this? or any useful articles???

I  was missed to find related articles reg this.

And I'm clear on indexing part. Standard analyzer (using jflex) plays a
vital role to escape characters to get an expected token while indexing.

Any help is much appreciated...!!!


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