Hi Adrien,

Thanks for your reply.

I have also tried testing with UsageTrackingQueryCachingPolicy, but did not 
observe a significant change in both latency and throughput.

Given that I have specific search requirements of no scoring and sorting the 
search results in a random order (reason for custom sort object), I have also 
explored writing a custom collector and could observe quite a difference in 
latency figures.

Let me know if this custom collector code has any loopholes which I could be 

class RandomOrderCollector extends SimpleCollector
        private int maxHitsRequired;
        private int docBase;

        private List<Integer> matches = new ArrayList<Integer>();

        public RandomOrderCollector(int maxHitsRequired)
                this.maxHitsRequired = maxHitsRequired;

        public boolean needsScores()
                return false;

        public void collect(int doc) throws IOException
                matches.add(docBase + doc);

        protected void doSetNextReader(LeafReaderContext context) throws 
                this.docBase = context.docBase;

        public List<Integer> getHits()
                maxHitsRequired = Math.min(matches.size(), maxHitsRequired);

                return matches.subList(0, maxHitsRequired);

Best Regards,
Atul Bisaria

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Hi Atul,

Le mar. 30 janv. 2018 à 16:24, Atul Bisaria <atul.bisa...@ericsson.com> a écrit 

> 1.     Using ConstantScoreQuery so that scoring overhead is removed since
> scoring is not required in my search use case. I also use a custom
> Sort object which does not sort by score (see code below).

If you don't sort by score, then wrapping with a ConstantScoreQuery won't help 
as Lucene will figure out scores are not needed anyway.

> 2.     Using query cache
> My understanding is that query cache would cache query results and
> hence lead to significant increase in performance. Is this understanding 
> correct?

It depends what you mean by performance. If you are optimizing for worst-case 
latency, then the query cache might make things worse due to the fact that 
caching a query requires to visit all matches, while query execution can 
sometimes just skip over non-interesting matches (eg. in conjunctions).

However if you are looking at improving throughput, then usually the default 
policy of the query cache of caching queries that look reused usually helps.

> I am using Lucene version 5.4.1 where query cache seems to be enabled
> by default (https://issues.apache.org/jira/browse/LUCENE-6784), but I
> am not able to see any significant change in search performance.

> Here is the code I am testing with:
> DirectoryReader reader = DirectoryReader.open(directory);      //using
> MMapDirectory
> IndexSearcher searcher = new IndexSearcher(reader); //IndexReader and
> IndexSearcher are created only once
> searcher.setQueryCachingPolicy(QueryCachingPolicy.ALWAYS_CACHE);

Don't do that, this will always cache all filters, which usually makes things 
slower for the reason mentioned above. I would rather advise that you use an 
instance of UsageTrackingQueryCachingPolicy.

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