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In order to activate payloads during scoring, you need to do two separate 
things at the same time:
* use a payload aware query type: org.apache.lucene.queries.payloads.*
* use payload aware similarity

Here is an old post that might inspire you :  


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Thanks for your replies. But still, I am not sure about the way to do the
thing. Can you please provide me with an example code snippet or, link to
some page where I can find one?


On Tue, Jan 16, 2018 at 3:28 PM, Dwaipayan Roy <dwaipayan....@gmail.com>

> ​I want to make a scoring function that will score the documents by the
> following function:
> given Q = {q1, q2, ... }
> score(D,Q) =
>    for all qi:
>      SUM of {
>          LOG { weight_1(qi) + weight_2(qi) + weight_3(qi) }
>      }
> I have stored weight_1, weight_2 and weight_3 for all term of all
> documents as payload, with payload delimiter = | (pipe) during indexing.
> However, I am not sure on how to integrate all the weights during
> retrieval. I am sure that I have to @Override some score() but not sure
> about the exact class.
> Please help me here.
> ​
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> Dwaipayan..​


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