I have a requirement to store a Java object with multiple fields into the 
Lucene index. Basically, at the application startup I run a  select query on 
entities ( there are 5 of them as of now and may increase in future) and then 
create an index for each of these entities (5) i.e. five different indexes as 
of now(cannot have a common index. Need separation of entity data).   Ideally I 
would have liked to store only primary key field, but I need rest of the fields 
upon fetch.
I use this index(basically only the primary key field) to prevent users from 
creating duplicate entities or suggest them like a Did you mean(Google) ? 
feature . For this purpose, I’m using SpellChecker module to suggest entities 
or identify duplicates. Since, Spell checker only returns a String array, I 
again have to run a select separate search on the index(QueryParser search) or 
run select on the DB to fetch the entire object. Furthermore converting the 
Lucene Documents to Java object and vice- versa is a tedious task. Is there any 
API or library that can simplify this task ?  I have heard of Compass API, but 
not sure if it is still recommended. Any examples of the same or APIs will be 
appreciated. Thank you !!!

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