Tables can be accessed by tab/shift tab, also you can press insert-8/up 
arrow on the numpad to hear the line the cursor is on. Bear in mind tables 
will let the cursor move from left to right in a cell one didget at a time 
and at the end of the last cell on the last row, jaws will say a warning if 
you press tab here it will add another row, so don't do this action unless 
that's what your after. Just shift-tab to go back to the first cell in that 
You also can move up/down arrow  as well and if you leave the tables jaws 
will tell you this..
If you add an extra row by tabbing at the end of the table row last row, do 
this to get rid of it..

while in that row you wish to delete press alt E, D arrow to delete row and 
enter on it.


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Hi list,

At work, we are now expected to fill out forms that are in the form of
MS Word tables.  How do you access these tables with JAWS?


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