Hi, Takis, and let me join in welcoming you to the list.

I'm not sure these three ideas will help, and they won't solve all the problems 
you're experiencing, but I don't find them in either your query or Steve's 
suggestion. I can't be sure which, if any, will apply to Word 2007, but I think 
they do.

To read a footnote, place focus at that footnote and press shift-alt-e. 

To exit a footnote and return to text, press the pass-through key combo (JAWS 
key+3 on the number row above the letters), then shift-alt-c. 

To review footnotes already inserted into a document, press Insert+Z to turn 
quick keys on. Then press o to move through the footnotes document.

By the way, be sure to check the options in the JAWS key+v JAWS quick settings. 

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Greetings to all,

I face a lot of dicciulty recently, when I work on a document, (writing it or 
reading it in Braille) when I want to insert a footnote. Using Windows 10 
creator, Jaws 18, Word 2007 and an Active Braille display. In the past I was 
able to create a footnote by using contrl-alt-f. The note would appear and I 
could type my text viewing it. When I was done, by arroing once to the right, I 
was able to go back to my document, see the note's number and continue typing 
my document. When reading notes, I always used to hit a cursor routing button 
just above the number, and a sort of preview would and still appears, which 
permitted me to read most of the notes, but if these were too long, I could use 
alt-v, f and land on that note which I could read in its entirety. By toggling 
the same command, I was back on my reading document. This is no longer 
feasible. I have jaws set to read the entire note, which it does orally, but I 
really want to follow it in Braille, since these include a lot of bibli
 ographical data in various languages, (I have installed six vocaliser voices), 
and Mr. jaws does not always get the language right. I mentioned this problem 
of mine to another list I participate, and a fellow member sent a reply, which 
unfortunately, did not work, and which I will paste at the end of this message.

Now, I must say that when I type alt-contrl-f to get to a footnote, jaws is 
crushing which means I can only type blindly, as no Braille appears either, and 
I have to restore it with the known shortcut alt-f-j. It lands on jaws menus 
and by escape I am back on desktop and I need to alt-tab to get to the note. At 
that time I can see the note's text with highlighting, but arrowing to the 
right will not automatically do something, unless I do a contr-home for the 
beginning of document, and a contrl-end to get back to where I was, in which 
case it may eventually work. I am pasting the kind reply I got which proved 
vain, so, if anyone has had a similar problem or knows for a better solution, I 
would be most grateful to hear from you.

                                                K             indest



Hi Takis,


I've got Word 2016 and Windows 7 so I don't know if the following will help at 
all, but it gives you some things you can try!


The way footnotes appear depend on which view I use. In Print view I can press 
Alt + Ctrl + F to start a footnote. From within the footnote, I can press the 
applications key or Shift + F10 and choose Go To Footnote to return to the 
document text. The footnote pane appears at the bottom of each page, and JAWS 
indicates this when I read with DownArrow or Say All, although in neither case 
does it actually read the footnotes unless I navigate by word while focus is in 
the footnote pane.


In Draft view I press Alt + Ctrl + F to start a footnote, as before, but then I 
use F6 to return to the document text. Once there is at least one footnote, I 
can press Shift + F6 to move to the footnote pane at any time, and F6 to return 
to the document.


JAWS should announce which view is in effect. I can press Alt + Ctrl + P to 
force print view, and Alt + Ctrl + N to force Draft view, which used to be 
called Normal view.


Does that get you any further?



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