Hi Robin,

Read what's below & give it a try, it works well:

From: Adrian Spratt
Hi. I'm writing to explain the new JAWS repair method I learned today from 
VFO. Previously, I'd taken the file of the currently running JAWS build, put 
it in the C drive, copied the exact wording into a Windows run dialog, etc.
this procedure failed twice for me today. VFO seems to know about this 
because when I called, they had me follow the procedure I'll detail below, 
and it worked. I don't know why it is different, but somehow it is. So, here 

First, make sure you have the .exe file on your system for the JAWS build 
you're running. You can download it from the FS/VFO website.

Unlike before, it doesn't seem to matter where you keep it on your system.

Close all running apps.

Highlight the JAWS .exe file.

Press shift-F10.

Arrow up to "Copy as path." Press enter.

Open the run dialog with Windows key-r.

Press control-v, then spacebar, then / (the forward slash key), then the 
word "type", spacebar, and then the word "repair."

Let me try that command line a different way. After pressing control-v 
followed by the spacebar, continue with /type repair

Then press enter.

The process went more smoothly than any JAWS repair I can remember, and it 
went all the way to the end.

I hope this is useful.
Take care.  Mike.  Go Dodgers!
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To Whom It May Concern:

Can someone, who is Knowledgeable as it pertains to The Steps
associated with Fixingg JAWS, Please provide me with The Steps?

I need The Steps to Fix My Copies of JAWS (JAWS14) & JAWS (JAWS15) on
My Windows7 PC. My JAWS14 & JAWS15 became Corrupt when I accidently
UpDated My JAWS16 WithOut activating JAWS16 & I was using JAWS14 at
the Time of the UpDate.

Your assistance is Very Much & Greatly appreciated!

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