My friend is an 86 year old Benedictine Sister. She uses her computer to do
work for the Xavier Society and to volunteer for Bookshare, along with all
of the tasks that are part of her life at the convent. She was using a
Windows 7 computer and system access for about 5 years, but the computer
crashed. She now has Jaws 18 and Windows 10. It was set up for her by the
convent's tech person with some consultation with Freedom Scientific. While
we're waiting to see if the person I know, has time to work with her
remotely on the phone, I have a question to ask for her. I seem to remember
being told that there's a way to set up Windows 10 so that it looks like
what we're accustomed to seeing on Windows 7. Is that called the classic
view? Is that what she should tell the tech person to set up for her? Right
now, she can't get to the internet or to Documents.  She would like to be
able to get to the desktop with icons, like she could before, and to


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