Well, I didn't wait. Creating a heading looks almost too easy. Keeping in mind 
your point that for my dictionary-like organization to work, I should use only 
one heading level, I'm going with the obvious, control-alt-number row 1. I 
thought I'd need to select existing lines of text, but it seems I just have to 
position the cursor at the beginning of the line (or anywhere on the line?) for 
it to take effect.

I could also initiate a heading by typing that key combo and proceeding with 
the heading text, but most are already in place.

It will be a fair amount of clerical work, but now I can see my way forward. 

One thought. each of my would-be headings is preceded by a double return. Can 
you think of a search and replace operation that might accomplish what I want? 
Presumably, it would consist of ^6^6 in both fields, with an additional 
character in the replace field. Please don't waste your time if you don't have 
a quick answer.

If you have anything else to add or correct, please let me know.

Again, thank you.

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I had a feeling you'd come up with something. Thank you so much. But now I have 
to admit I've never created what you call built-in headings in Word. Would it 
be a lot of trouble to explain? In the meantime, I'll turn to Google tomorrow.


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Hello Adrian,

If the subject heading for each entry is a built-in Word heading and all 
headings are of the same level then you can sort by heading in either ascending 
or descending order.  Go under the home tab and use the Sort button in the 
paragraph group to bring up the dialog box.  Use down arrow in the "Sort by" 
edit combo box and choose heading.  Tab a couple times to the radio buttons and 
choose between ascending and descending.  Use OK.  Of course, this approach 
only works if your subject headings are built-in Word headings and are all 
using the same heading level.  

Take care.           

Brian Lee

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Subject: [JAWS-Users] Word 2010, sort and JAWS

I want to do a sort in a file with word 2010 that I used to do in WordPerfect, 
but I don't think it's possible. Can someone prove me wrong?
Here are my criteria.

I have a document that consists of hundreds of entries, each one with a subject 
heading. I want to arrange them alphabetically. Each entry consists of several 
paragraphs. I've separated the paragraphs within each entry by a single line 
break, while the breaks between entries are double.

WordPerfect recognized this distinction, so that it didn't treat the individual 
paragraphs as new entries to be alphabetized. It alphabetized only those 
entries separated by a double space.

Any ideas?
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