Hi All,

Running Windows 7 Pro, Jaws 16 thru J2018, & Office 2010.

 What I am wanting to do is to be able to paste 1 page over the top of 
another in this format.  I have trivia questions that I send out with 
answers, There are 15 questions with 15 answers.  I would like for the 
questions to have 6 blank lines between them.  i.e, Question #1 would be on 
line #1, Q #2 would be on line #7, Q #3 would be on line #13....

This way when I paste the answers over the top of the questions, with the 
answers being of  a simlar format, but using different line numbers.  i.e, 
Answer #1 would be on line #4, A #2 would be on #10, A #3 would be on line 
#16..., all the way through for the 15 questions & answers..

Using this presumed format each line of text, either a question or answer, 
would have 2 blank lines separating them.  Is there a macro or template 
available that will do this?  If not, can someone give me instructions on 
how to create such a macro or template?
All help will be greatly appreciated & graciously accepted.  Thank y'all 
very much.

Take care.  Mike.  Sent from my iBarstool.
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