Howdy Kimsan,

Here are the steps, & the direct download link for the removal tool.  Read 
them all the way through before using the removal tool.

1. Press enter on the, AvastClear, .EXE file.
2. You will get the following message:

Avast Antivirus Clear
It is recommended to run this tool from Windows Safe Mode.
Do you want to do that?
Press "Yes" to reboot into Safe Mode now and run this tool
from there.
Press "No" to continue running this tool as it is (not
Yes No
3. Tab to the, No button, & press enter or spacebar.  Now press the spacebar 
on the, Uninstall button, to start the uninstall process as Administrator. 
After Avast is uninstalled you should get a prompt to restart the computer. 
When the computer reboots you can check to see if any remnants of the 
program are left behind.  The 1 time I used this removal tool the only 
remnant I found left behind was an Avast folder in the Program Files, & 
Program Data folders on the root of the C drive, but I did not check the 
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Subject: [JAWS-Users] removing avast


I accidentally installed Avast when installing CCleaner.

I thought I removed it all after using revo uninstaller.

On google here, it states when using the tool Avast has to remove it, it
boots into safe mode?

Is there another way, as I never messed with safe mode before.

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