Hi Judy,

The keystrokes starting with alt in web pages may require you also press SHIFT. 
For example, a link which has access key b is activated in IE by pressing ALT+B 
and then ENTER, ALT+B in Chrome and ALT+SHIFT+B in Firefox. BTW, try pressing 
ALT+SHIFT+L to see if that works.

Hope it helps!

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Hello again,


I am a new author with www.textbroker.com.


I have successfully submitted material, but have some beginner-type questions.


When submitting the text of the article, there is a text box for the body of 
the article.  All well and good.


When composing the original document in Word, after copy-pasting that Word doc 
with all its attributes, such as bold, italics, hyperlinks, etc. those 
attributes do not transfer over in to the site's text field.


To solve this, the site has provided links for adding those attributes back in 
above the text box/edit field for the text body.  However, I am unable to get 
those to work, don't know how to access them without getting out of the text 


For instance, when wanting to attach a hyperlink to the words Outdoor Fun, 
doing the traditional control-K in Word actually opens a new Textbroker page.


However, I am asking if there is a way to actually use the link for hyperlink 
provided by Textbroker.  You are supposed to be able to highlight your text, 
then go up to the link to activate the hyperlink in the document, but does not 
work, since I am out of the edit field.  The formatter link even gives ashort 
cut key of Alt-L, which I have tried, but does not work either.  Note that the 
control-B does work for Bold, and I believe the control-U key will work too.


If this problem is too confusing, let me know and will try to rephrase.


Thanks as always.




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